Aakifah & Aamir

Salam Talib and Mez Just wanted to say a massssive thank you to you both!

It was my first time booking you and I had the best time ever! You made me feel soooooo comfortable from the get go! Thank you both so so much for that, in particular how accommodating you are, you were prepared to take my biggggggg dress all the way to Manchester and back for a picture, that alone meant so much!!!

Aamir and I are sat on Langkawi beach right now just talking about how fun everything was with you, we rarely ever take pictures and we really enjoyed it with you and Mez!!!

Tell Mez I said a personal Thankyou for dress fixing, listening to me stress and shouting “sit down” from the balcony 😉🤣🤣 Your a big part of the Dalal family and now your like family to me too! I’ll definitely be recommending you to EVERYONE!!!

Jazakallah so so much, can’t wait to see the pictures and vid! Inshallah see you soon💗💗 Lots of love Aamir & Aakifah

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